How To Start a Duck Decoy Collection

Published: 07th July 2008
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If you are thinking of starting a duck decoy collection, there are many things you need to know. This article will help teach you how to start your own duck decoy collection.

Duck decoys were once only used for hunting, however collecting them has now became a popular hobby for many. In fact, some antique duck decoys have sold for over $100,000 at recent auctions, and they seem to be holding their value.

The first thing you need to ask yourself when starting a duck decoy collection is what type of duck decoys do you want to collect. You can collect old, antique duck decoys, new decoys, or a combination of both. But remember, antique duck decoys will be harder to find and can be more expensive to purchase than new duck decoys. Most collectors still focus their collections on the old, antique duck decoys because of their value.

Finding places that sell duck decoys is your next step in starting your duck decoy collection. You can usually find them at local sports and hunting stores, flea markets, thrift stores, marketplaces, and antique shops. However, since the invention of the Internet, buying duck decoys has become a much easier process. I recommend using online shops and auction places for finding quality, hard-to-find duck decoys.

If you are shopping for antique duck decoys, be sure to closely examine the decoys. Take note of any flaws or cracks in the decoys which could possibly lower the value of it. However, don't be turned away from decoys if they have any small flaws. Remember, some of these duck decoys are over a hundred years old, so of course they are going to have some wear!

Duck decoys are made from a variety of different materials. You can find them made of hand-carved wood, plastic, foam, cork, and other materials. The wooden duck decoys are usually the better looking decoys, and most of the old ones were made of this. The plastic decoys can usually withstand a bit more wear and tear than the wooden ones.

If you like collecting new decoys, there is a wide range of decoys with unique abilities available to choose from. Some have realistic head-moving action, and others can make duck sounds. These can be a fun addition to any collection.

When you first start your collection, try to keep all your decoys in a safe, protected area. Keeping your duck decoys in their best condition will help your decoys stay valuable, and wanted by other collectors. You should be able to find actual duck decoy storage containers online.

Collecting duck decoys is fun hobby that can be shared with all your family, friends, and loved ones. I wish you the best of luck with your new collection!

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